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This V6 Trike for sale $15,000.00 All reasonable offers considered

V6 Trike from a Buick Park Avenue

I have sold most of the parts from this 1990 Buick Park Avenue.

1990 park avenue This the 1990 Buick Park Avenue I started with and it run really nice so no need to rebuild the engine.

I started by pulling off the front bumper and grill taking it back to just the shell holding the radiator.

3.8 Buick V6This is the Engine I am going to use and it was a front wheeled drive car so the engine and transaxle are combined. I am cutting the entire front end off the car keeping the frame in tack just in case I need part of it.
Engine with frame started I have removed the fenders and the original frame of the car but am using the frame the engine and front end mounts to. I used 2 X 3 rectangular tubing to build the body on. The rear bumper is 2 X 2 square tubing and plan on mounting a trailer hitch to the bumper.

I have been working  on the wiring for this engine and what a night mare it has been. I have been tracing out wires trying to figure out where they go and finally got it to where I thought it should run. I hooked up a fuel pump connected to a propane tank that I converted to a portable gas tank. hit the starter, turned about two revolutions and started purring like a kitten. There is 57 wires coming out of the computer and so many wires are just cut off that go no where so still have to figure out if I need these wires.
showing the tie rod and bracketI needed some short tie rod shafts in order to lock the front-end and a way to mount them to the frame thinking I was going to use some rod ends with bolts in the frame but everything is metric and the parts are twice as expensive or maybe three times. One day I was on the AutoZone site and found a diagram of the 1990 Buick Rear wheels and there right in front of me was just what I needed a short tie rod with a bracket to hook it to the frame. I still had the old car setting in my yard so went out there at 11:00 at night and checked and sure enough there was what I needed. Bolted a piece of angle iron to the car frame where the steering box was mounted originally and now the short tie rods from the rear of the car are now part of the what will be the rear end of my trike.
back part of the trike frameBeen working on the frame and have it pretty much put together or at least for the back part of it including the rear bumper. It is starting to take shape now but still have a long way to go.

rear seat frame work I have the front tube welded in place and here is the framework for the rear seat. I am only going to have one rear seat on this trike.

floorboards I am making the floorboards out of about 12 gauge steel and used my home made bender to bend the sheet metal. 12 gauge steel is about the heaviest sheet metal that i can bend with my brake. The widest metal I can bend is 29 inches but it works great.

floorboards in place I have the floorboards in place but nothing is bolted down and everything is just clamped in place. The long rod you see coming off the floorboard is going to be the brake pedal

seats setting in place These are the seats I am going to use unless I change my mind after I get to riding the trike. The front seat is adjustable or on a slider and the rear seat will be so it can be tilted forward for engine access. Everything is going to be enclosed on the engine so need removable panels or doors to be able to get to the engine for checking oil and maintenance work.

springer frontend As you probably already know I am using a Springer frontend and have no idea what the wheel is off of. I bought the wheel from a Harley shop but it was used. So far the front of this trike is only about 100 pounds so I am going to have to have wheelie bars on the rear of the trike because it is going to do wheelies. There will be more weight added with the gas tanks and tool boxes on each side of the rear seat. The steel has added a little extra weight but trying to save a few dollars and steel is easy to work with.

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