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If anybody has any trike pictures that you would like to share on my site I would be more then happy to place them in my gallery.  Please email them to me at bojo@billswebb.com Be sure to check out my gallery.

Almost ready to ride

It finally runs but I had to sit on the floorboard to ride it. I got a little over anxious, but I just had to see what it was going to feel like. I was able to check the rear brakes and they were adjusted pretty close. Both grabbed at the same time. If they didn't it will pull the front-end sideways because the front of the bike is very light.

no fendersJust another view of my trike. Once I got this far along I could not quit taking pictures of it. It makes you really proud to accomplish something like this. When you tell people you are building a trike they look at you like you are crazy, really not believing you.

I put some fenders on my trike using 3/4 inch square tubing and having a steel fabricating yard bend four pieces into a radius about the size of the tires. I then wrapped sheet metal around them and made the fenders. I could of bought some pre made fenders but I could not find any wide enough. Soon as I got the fenders made and installed on the trike, I hauled it to town and got license on it so I could ride legally on the highway. I wanted to see what it felt like and I found out I had the front-end lying a little too flat. It was very hard to steer so I changed the angle and it really helped. It only took about a half a day to do this and it was worth the trouble. 

To boxy looking The more I looked at my trike, the more I thought it was to boxy.  So I decided to put a top on it which I think really dressed it up. First I made a frame out of 1 inch square tubing. I used sheet metal on the sides and used a saber saw to cut the metal. I cut holes in the sides for windows which I thought made it look better. 

Trike no top A rear view of the frame work and the sides. Still have not put a top on it yet because I cannot make up my mind what I want to use. I got too much warping when I welded the sheet metal to the frame work. I am not the best welder in the world so I have to do what I can do with what I have.
TopI now have the top on and I used aluminum plate which was about 3/32 thick. I did not have any way to bend such a big piece of aluminum so I called several steel fabricators and there was only one that could role it for me. He said it would be about a week before he could get to it. Well I could not wait that long so I proceeded to build me a wooden frame work to lay the aluminum on so I could bend it myself. After I got the frame work constructed I laid a 20 gallon propane tank on the aluminum and added some weight to it with my front-end loader on my tractor. Well it bent almost perfectly around that propane tank.
Almost finished Almost all finished, but you know it will probably never be completely finished. Every time I ride it I find something else to do. I went on a 250 mile trip with it and my wife and daughter rode in the passenger seat. I noticed my legs and feet were getting very tired sitting on the little round foot pegs. Almost the next day I bent some more aluminum and made floor boards. Much more comfortable now and do not have to worry about my feet falling off the pegs. You can almost go to sleep now. The windshield really helps cut down on the wind resistance.

Trike dashThe dash showing the switches and gauge. You can also see the running boards I added.

Trike Have been putting some flames on the sides. Decided to make my own decals instead of buying them. My daughter drew the flames and I cut them out. My daughter also had better luck on installing them. I could not get them straight. 

Back of TrikeView from the back showing the wheelie bar and wheels. These are steel wheels that will withstand several hundred pounds. Some times they hit the pavement pretty hard especially when I am showing off just a little. <VBG>
Great Bike This is picture of  my Kawasaki Vulcan 500 cc that I use to own.  It was a great bike and rode like a dream. It had the stability of a larger bike but was only 500 cc.